•   about 3 years ago

Customer experience or new idea

Is this hackathon only to improve customer experience or it may be a completely new idea using the specified technologies of red hat.


  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    The hackathon is definitely about Customer Experience (CX) so we want to see what you can do with that theme. Chances are if you have a completely new idea, there is some form of CX that is being changed, improved or disrupted. Here's a blog article we just posted that might give you some insight: https://redhat-hackathon.github.io/blog/what-do-we-mean-by-cs-and-how-can-we-improve-it/

  •   •   about 3 years ago

    That means it's ok to work on new idea using open source technologies by red hat

  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago


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